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Welcome to Vumatel Reach!

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Hello Cool Ideas Customer!

Welcome to Vumatel Reach!

It doesn't matter if you're an old hat who's been using Mitchell's Fibre or you're new to the world of fibre internet, Cool Ideas is here to give you the rundown on the way Vumatel Reach works!

Let's get started:

Quick Note:
- If you are renewing your Vumatel Reach Service after completing the below guide, please follow this guide.

  1. Get your phone, tablet or computer, make sure it's connected to the internet and navigate to


  2. Enter your address in the search box and hit the 'Check coverage' button.

  3. Choose your desired Cool Ideas / Vuma Reach internet package.


  4. Confirm your address and enter a few details and click 'continue'.
    If you're battling to find your address in the next step (particularly if you have a specific address that google doesn't recognise), return to this part of the application and adjust the text of your address continuing to the next step.

    Please note
    : If you live in a complex and have trouble finding your specific unit (especially when other units are available), do not select a random unit. Instead, return to the previous page and untick the ‘I live at a complex’ box; then add your unit number next to the street address as shown below. (Please see the example below).


  5. You'll once again then need to confirm your address accurately according to both google maps as well as Vumatel's map data.

    NB! Please make sure you only select your address, selecting the incorrect address can delay the process of getting you connected!
    Please be sure to select your correct address! If you find that your address is not there, please open with support ticket by clicking here.


  6. Confirm the items in your cart and 'checkout'.


  7. Enter your details and select your payment option.

  8. Agree to 'The Fine Print' and then click on 'Complete Order'.

  9. If you're an existing customer please click on 'ALREADY REGISTERED' and log into your Coolzone account.


  10. You can then pay your invoice using either Payfast or EasyPay.
    Instructions on doing either form of payment are included on your invoice.


  11. Once payment is completed your service will be activated and your internet will be live on Cool Ideas!
    If this is your first time purchasing a Vumatel Reach service, this will also prompt Vumatel Reach to contact you to book an installation.

  12. To purchase more 28-day services either follow the above steps or visit the Cool Ideas Coolzone Client Portal or follow our guide here.
    Once there:
    - Navigate to 'Services' -> 'My Products & Services' -> select your existing Vumatel Reach Product.
    - Scroll to 'Actions' and click on 'Renew Service'.


  13.  In your Coolzone client area, you are also able to
    - Release your line (should you want to activate a service with another ISP).
    - Change/Review your wifi details.


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