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How To Do A Speedtest ( (Windows)

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To check the performance of your line do the following:

  1. Connect a computer directly to the router via an Ethernet cable (CAT5e or CAT6 is recommended).
  2. Open your browser and go to
  3. Start the speed test by clicking Go.
  4. When complete, please screen shot the result showing the computers cable connection to the router.
    • To screenshot, please search your computer for 'Snipping Tool' or 'Snip and Sketch' or alternatively use the shortcut of 'Windows + Shift + S'.
  5. Please then send the screen shot through to from the account holders email address and we'll be sure to get your speed problem sorted as quickly as possible.

  • Testing must be done from a cable connection, Wi-Fi is not dependable for testing due to the nature of the technology.
Any other traffic over the network at the time of the test will detract from the result, it is best to test with only the test machine on the network.

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