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Creating a PPPoE Connection (Windows 10)

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On occasion we might ask you to bypass your router to help isolate an issue (such as no connectivity, slow speeds, etc).
This test helps eliminate variables that might be causing the issue to begin with.

To do a direct PPPoE connection on Windows 10, please do the following:

  • Start by plugging your PC into the LAN1/GE1 port of the fibre ONT (therefore bypassing the router).
  • Click on The Windows 'Start' button.
  • Click on the settings cog.

  • In the 'Windows Settings' page select 'Network & Internet'.


  • Click on Dial-up on the left.


  • Then select 'Setup a new connection'.


  • In the next window that pops up, select 'Connect to the Internet'.
  • And then select 'Next'.

  • `Select 'Broadband (PPPoE)'.


  • Insert your username and password (or the test details that our cool technicians provided) and click 'Connect'.


  • If you receive an error such as the following, please let our Cool Support Technicians know so we can assist in getting your fibre up and running as soon as possible:


At any point should the above instruction be unclear, please do not hesitate to contact our support team on 010-593-2665 or

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