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TP-Link Archer C20 Router - PPPoE Username and Password change

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1. Open your web browser and navigate to or

2. You will be greeted by the page below:


3. Enter the following:

Username: admin
Password: admin or coolideas1

4. Click on Login.

5. On the Quick Setup screen click Exit.


6. If the router does not take you there automatically, navigate to Network -> WAN.

7. Replace your username ( Our template usually follows: ) into the User Name field.
Please note your username and password can be obtained by emailing our support from the account holder's email address.

8. Type the provided password into both the Password and Confirm Password field.


9. Then click on the Save button.

10. Disconnected, at the bottom of the screen, should now have change to Connected.

Your router is now configured to access the internet!

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