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Please take note of planned maintenance that will be taking place on Tuesday evening 11/02/2020. Services will be affected.


The DFA implementation team need to replace the currently extremely congested joint inside DFA hand hole WH020027 along DFA routes W01P01 Cable 1 to 5 and W20P06 Cable 1 and 2.

All of these routes are currently routing through a single joint and have been the cause of multiple instabilities in the DFA network.

In order to restore stability and ensure that new services can be built along these routes and through this hand hole the DFA technicians need to cut all of the cables out of the joint, trace each out and splice them back into two new dome joints.

Due to the complexity and amount of work the DFA technicians require additional time to complete the work.

Activity Window:

Planned Event Start Time: 21:00 PM / 11 February 2020
Planned Event End Time: 07:00 AM / 12 February 2020
Expected Downtime: 09 hours
Expected Duration: 10 Hours

Service Impact: YES

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